OSTAR 2017 sailed yesterday at 13.30 local time

The delay, due to the fog and the absence of wind, did not cause any particular departure criticality.

Vento di Sardegna had some small technical problems then promptly recovered. It was a very conservative start.

At the moment (16.45 pm Italian time), the boat led by Andrea Mura is at the command of OSTAR 2017 (and also absolute, let’s remember that there is TWOSTAR at the same time).

The great concern of Andrea, and in general of the entire fleet, is the vast and deep approaching depression rising north-east: “terrible” weather conditions are expected, and all this is pushing Mura (and most of the competitors ) to forced strategic choices, which lead to North.

“It’s like climbing a mountain – explains Andrea – you have to go to the north, to get around the depression, but in this we will encounter rain and thunderstorms of great intensity.”

At the moment the wind spins on the 16 knots steadily, “it sails well”, but it is a temporary condition