After the big win in the Ostar 2017, Andrea Mura will fly to England where, on Saturday 28, will receive recognition for the second time for triumphing in the famous and fierce transatlantic race, the oldest and most legendary for solitary navigators that takes place every 4 years from Plymouth (UK) to Newport RI (USA), 2,850 miles.

It is considered the toughest of the oceanic regattas in solitary because of wind, against current, against the sea and at polar temperatures around the 5th of both air and water for the high latitudes.

Andrea Mura will be the guest of the Royal Western Yacht Club, Queen’s Club of England.

“I had decided not to do it anymore,” said Andrea Mura, “but at the invitation of Her Majesty’s RWYC, the Queen, could not refuse to go back to defending the title won in Ostar 2013, although without sponsor, without budget and total self-financing only with the help of volunteer friends and a pool of small technical partners who have supported me on board supplies. ”

“The conditions in the latter Ostar have been the most terrible, the worst I’ve ever met before, so there have been a number of records: the undersigned pushing beyond the 58th north parallel, ten skippers retired, four abandoned boats and a helicopter recovery. A depression, the third and last encountered, called “The Perfect Storm” by Canadian meteorologists, with 60 knots of wind and 15m high waves that have literally decimated the fleet. ”

“It was a regatta, a venture and an adventure that I will never forget,” concludes Andrea Mura, “which involved not only my entire nation but also a large part of Europe and the world. I thank all the organizers of the Ostar, British and American, as well as all the people (about 2 million) who have followed and supported me with such passion and affection. “