Great news for a unique event in the panorama of Sardinian sailing and not only: the Round Sardinia Race.

The number of stages of the 2017 edition (from 5 to 6, with the addition of Arbatax) is increasing, starting September 23 (with ceremony on 22), arriving on September 30 (and awarding on October 1).

The Round Sardinia Race was born in 2007 by the idea of ​​Andrea Mura, the well-known ocean racer, to promote sailing in Sardinia and the Sardinian island in the world as an exceptional theater for practicing sailing sports.
After a break, she returned last year to the calendar of sailors and Sardinian enthusiasts, all over Italy and internationally, thanks to the contribution of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and a pool of technical level partners.
The departure scheduled for September 23 in Cagliari will be in the order of Villasimius, Arbatax, Porto Rotondo, Alghero, Carloforte and Cagliari.

At every stage there will be a party that will involve the local people and tourists, with the grand finale in Cagliari.
The organizers of the event are the ASD Vento di Sardegna, the Ichnusa Sailing Kermesse and the Italian Naval League of Villasimius.

“The enthusiasm is so great – says Andrea Mura – it is very exciting to see so many clubs, clubs, big and small companies and volunteers collaborate to a common end: the Round Sardinia Race represents a formidable vehicle to promote the Sardinian territory, sailing sport And the nautical world in general. “

Through fascinating appointments and international value as this creates new travel motivations, it animates the territory and increases the image return of the Island of the Wind, within which it has a remarkable, economic, Also the development of nautical tourism, now more than ever at the heart of the regional tourism sustainable tourism growth policies.

We remember that the “testimonial boat” of the Sardegna Sardinia Race, Vento di Sardegna, has just triumphed in the OSTAR, the tough solo transatlantic regatta from Plymouth to Newport, which has been such an important occasion for international visibility for the RSR event and for Sardinia all over.

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