Live Photo from Vento di Sardegna: the VHF antenna has been uprooted, the damaged headboard but Andrea is repairing it, demonstrating its usual readiness spirit and technical skills and uncommon manuals.

At this time the boat is in a relative calm zone, and its speed is aligned with that of other competitors.

The advantage on the second has increased: 250 miles, and about 300 on the other Italian, Michele Zambelli, who is behaving very well at first in such competitions

Vento di Sardegna will now face two depressions in succession, while the iceberg danger seems to have partly come back.

The return of the boat to the orthodromo is then proceeded in the south.

“It’s a difficult OSTAR – Mura confirms – with apparent calm situations that alternate with terrible storms and limit conditions. We live the race day by day without distractions and breaks. “