Vento di Sardegna keeps the lead in the OSTAR2017 Ocean Race, which departed from Plymouth on May 29th.

The miles on the second competitor (BAM) have increased: now they are about 470 (18.30 Italy time).

It is very cold, the water temperature is 2.8 degrees, the boat is now lapping the limit of Terranova icebergs: a brazen landscape, very tough sea, strong wind, “typical” conditions of the OSTAR.

Yesterday Vento di Sardegna reached 25 knots of speed, with 43 knots of wind: cold water, huge waves, a disturbing scenario.

The forecasts for tomorrow still talk about a difficult pass, which should last about 5 hours, with wind at 40-45 knots, waves of 5 meters: Andrea Mura’s goal is to overcome this situation without any breakdowns and other problems, approaching the bow to Halifax in Nova Scotia.

“Under such conditions – Mura confirms – so many parameters must be considered: sailboats, meteorological, and structural. Vento di Sardegna is keeping fine, but the Ostar is really a bad beast. I hope I will not break anything tomorrow, it would be another crucial step in approaching Newport. “