One of the most difficult races worldwide, if not the most difficult, is giving moments of tension and anxiety to sailors and fans: the Ostar 2017 has already forced to abandon the two-thirds of the fleet (for the Twostar that takes place at the same time there are just 2 boats in the race at the moment).

Yesterday the exciting rescue at the sea of ​​the other Italian in the race, Michele Zambelli, who had to abandon his ship’s fate and was taken away by the Canadian guardians in a helicopter.

Today Andrea Mura has also had a “stop & go” in Halifax bay to fix damage to the canting keel motor.

Stop allowed by the regulations, provided he does not receive any help and support from outside or from other boats.

Vento di Sardegna is again racing thus gaining speed.

The advantage on the second-placed competitor remains important (about 600 miles, 15.30 Italy time) and but weather conditions and the failures suffered certainly will not allow Andrea to celebrate at an early age.

“It’s one of the hardest and tiring things I’ve ever done – confirms Andrea – this Ostar 2017 is really a race pushed to the limit”

“My thoughts and my respect go to competitors who have suffered damage, have been forced to retire or have lost the boat like Michele … I’m really glad that no one really did hurt … the conditions have been and are extreme” .