Another stop for Vento di Sardegna, in the OSTAR race, the solo transatlantic race sailed by Plymouth on May 29th.

The conditions of the sea and the wind, and in particular the Perfect Tempest on the road a few days ago that led to the retreat of many competitors, also had consequences on Andrea Mura’s boat.

Fortunately, after a dozen hours of various repairs, Vento di Sardegna came back in the race today at 1:30 pm Italian time.

Particularly worrying was the condition of the canting keel engine, a central element in the hydrodynamics of a boat such as Vento di Sardegna.

Mura has once again been able to settle everything (in particular, it is the case of large oil leakages due to the hitch of one of the two hydraulic hubs on the side of the electric motor).

Other repairs affected the now famous “capotta”, a small but ingenious solution that allowed the skipper a much more “stagnant” hold during the race, avoiding cold and sea in the face.

Now the bow is heading to Newport, two more days are planned for navigation.

“Everything happened in this Ostar – confirms Andrea Mura – storms in succession, polar frost, failures … I am glad the arrival is coming soon, now I’m feeling a bit of fatigue but the joy of cutting off the finish line disappears every problem. “

If Mura were to win the Ostar 2017, he would really enter the legend as it would be the only skipper to have won all 3 races from 2012 onwards, 2 Ostar and 1 Twostar (with record).